Journaling and Prayer


Journal work has an extraordinary connection to prayer for me. I am a writer, and I function best through words. Journal pages can be a powerful way to express prayers. I often struggle with the concept of praying boldly and specifically and directly. Writing out the prayer can be a way of adding preciseness to the process.

Just start with yourself and your family and close friends as what is going on most intimately with you. Then you might want to branch out to larger issues. You can even begin to organize categories of prayers. If the prayer list starts to feel too overwhelming, you can focus your attention to particular prayers needs based on categories and even divide them by days of the week. For example, an extra focus on the needs of the world one day and for particular strangers you’ve encountered on another day of the week. You can pray for your Church or School or workplace on another day. Any kind of category system can work.

Another part of connecting journal writing with prayer is to record responses. Review your prayers in your prayer journal and note when prayers have been answered. Review those journal entries and remind others that you have prayed for them. And make a note and a prayer of gratitude when a prayer gets answered in a serious way!

Journal entries with your prayers can be a specific expression of your prayers and a record of the prayers. The pages can also be a powerful reminder that prayers are answered. Some answers come very quickly while we wait much longer for others in God’s perfect timing. A journal of prayers has also shown me with enough time that sometimes a no answer is the great blessing. The whole process of making notes about the way in which the prayers are answered becomes a type of gratitude list for me. I see the answered prayers over time, and the gratitude is overwhelming.

What do you think? We welcome your comments.

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