Clearing Clutter for your own Freedom

I have spent a good part of the weekend cleaning and organizing and decluttering around the home. For me, there is a very spiritual connection to that process. It is a sense of freedom, a way of letting go of the negativity and creating positive space in which to move forward. The clutter can be physical and emotional. Both stifle me; both weigh me down and keep me from being fully myself. This Independence Day is about giving myself the freedom to be completely okay with myself as I am. And cleaning and organizing the home allows me a real physical sense of making space for what needs to come, the better things that are ahead. Take a moment this Independence Day to think of what you need for your own independence. Make space for yourself and what you need to take care of yourself and to move forward in positive ways to the person you are meant to be.


One thought on “Clearing Clutter for your own Freedom

  1. Tara, you are such a comedian! There is absolutely no possible way that any room in any home or apartment in which you have ever lived or worked would have looked like the messy pic you posted! You are the most organized person in the world and your organization gives a certain spirituality and calmness to your environment. Maybe that is one reason you seem to be able to remain so calm in the mist of chaos! You are right, when we let go of things, we can move forward to become the person we are meant to be.


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