About this Blog

This blog is created by Tara Edwards and Chris Partida.

At least two times per week we will post a reflection. Our reflections are influenced by several different approaches to contemplative prayer. Some of our entries will focus on specific Bible passages, and some of our entries will focus on the art of journal writing.  We also plan to incorporate more and more pictures into the blog as time permits.

What is Contemplative Prayer?
According to ContemplativeChristians.com, “Contemplative Christianity is a particular way of being Christian grounded in specific spiritual practices such as the prayerful and slow reading of scripture (lectio divina), meditative prayer (e.g. Centering Prayer, Jesus Prayer), taking time for silence and solitude, receiving the Eucharist, and an overall inward attentiveness to God’s presence and action in the spiritual/intuitive dimension of our being, and in others” (accessed August 1, 2014).

For us, that “inward attentiveness” describes what we do when we set aside time for prayer. Instead of reciting specific prayers, we tend to reflect on a Bible passage (or a sermon that we heard, or a book that we are currently reading), ask questions, and reflect on them throughout the day. Many contemplatives do this in a mental way, but we do this kind of reflection through journal writing.

What will you see in our posts?
What you will see on this blog are our prayerful contemplations on biblical passages and topics related to spiritual issues. Unfortunately, this blog format prevents us from showing the entire reflective process. (Like any personal journal, some entries are messy, so we clean them up and do any of the necessary editing to make them readable.)

Reflections that focus on biblical passages will normally follow the Daily Office used by the Episcopal Church and other major Christian denominations. The Daily Office essentially divides the Bible into small daily readings that follow a three-year cycle. The Episcopal church and other major denominations adhere to this schedule of readings in their daily church services.

All biblical passages are pulled from the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible, but you are welcome to read another translation of your choosing.

What should you not expect from our blog?
We are not theological experts, and we do not claim to offer definitive answers to any spiritual questions. Instead, we hope this blog will encourage loving discussion about what are thought-provoking issues.

Our goal is not to force our beliefs on everyone. Instead, we hope to encourage others to reflect on the passages and to reflect on the mysteries of God. This is a blog of love and support.

What is the guiding philosophy of this blog?
Here are the major points that are guiding this project:

*We do not believe one can always find definitive answers in the Bible. Just because we read a passage one way does not mean everyone else should read it the same way. Different people will focus on different details in a passage, and we think that is wonderful.

*We respect all views on what a passage means. There are no wrong answers when you reflect on a passage, but . . .

*Coming to conclusions without giving yourself enough time to reflect on the passage is harmful. We believe in slowing down and devoting time to reflect on the passage.

*We envision this blog to be a community, not just a web site of our take on the Bible. It should be a supportive community–one of love and mutual respect for everyone’s views. Contemplatives see reflection and prayer as a journey that we travel on together.


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