Blog Update: We Will Now Post Videos!

First, we need to apologize for not posting in a long while.

The reason for our long absence is that we have been working on what amounts to a big transition for the Contemplative Living blog.  We are in the process of creating video posts.  (This required a long period of learning our video editing software, which is a challenging experience for two writers who know very little about video making.)

Many of these video posts will encourage you, our audience, to reflect on God and the Bible.  We will continue to call these kinds of posts “Reflections,” but their purpose will be to invite you to reflect.  If this new approach works, it should be a more participatory experience.

The reflection videos will essentially be guided reflections: a passage will be read, you will be given time to reflect on the passage, and then questions will be posed for you to think about.  This approach better matches the vision we had for this blog because it will invite you to search for whatever message God wishes to give you.  A video format better accommodates this approach compared to a text format.

We hope to create more than reflection videos.  There is much more that we want share about journal writing as a spiritual practice, for example, along with other topics that are part of a prayerful life, so this blog will hopefully offer you a variety of experiences.

You can view our trailer video below.  Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments section at the bottom of this entry.

We should have our first reflection video posted some time next week.